Our Company

Our Commitment:

Medicare Health Benefits (MHB) is built upon our commitment to the brokers and clients that we serve. No matter if it’s contracting, health and Medicare market, MHB is committed to its brokers by offering a high level of service and attention, and are treated with the upmost respect and care. We work as a team to help the client receive the best service possible through a positive and encouraging experience.


MHB is a broker and client driven company dedicated to providing the most accurate and current information to brokers as to best serve the Medicare population. In 1996 Jane Wall brought Medicare Health Benefits to life in Arizona. Within 2 years the company was branching out to recruit and train brokers in other states. Jane partnered Anna Rothhaar, in 2005 and the business continued to grow. Today MHB is licensed in 33 states and still growing and offering personal assistance to clients and brokers as they go through the contracting process. MHB’s future is an exciting one, filled with many opportunities from contracting prospective to continue to partnership with agents and GA’s that are committed to grow their business.

What we do:

Here at Medicare Health Benefits we specialize in the sales of Medicare products including Advantage plans, Medicare supplements, and Part D drug plans. In addition, we also offer insurance in venues such as life, long term care, and final expense. For clients under 65 we offer major medical.

Through contracting MHB works with agencies and brokers in many states. We assist the agencies and brokers in the certification process to ensure the procedure runs as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. Agents and Agencies alike are able to call with questions and concerns throughout the certification process. We are working partners with agencies, keeping an open stream of communication between the agency, the individual agent, and ourselves to best assist in the success of the contract. We support the agents through the course of their training and certification.

To our local independent brokers we offer a multitude of services including broker support, clerical services, and in house trainings, as well as providing supplies and offer a location for appointments. We work as partners with brokers to help them maintain up to date information and best serve their clients by providing monthly newsletters.

We continue to serve the senior community as we branch out while maintaining the offer of honest and dependable service through independent brokers and support staff.

Medicare Health Benefits strives to remain up to date with the most current and accurate information available to Medicare beneficiaries. Including resources used to improve their quality of living. We do this by providing information to help navigate Medicare and AHCCCS programs.