We are Medicare Health Benefits.

Medicare Health Benefits (MHB) has been dedicated to serving the Medicare-eligible population since 1996. In 2005, original owner Jane Wall brought in Anna Rothhaar to help expand the business. Today, MHB is partnered with Senior Market Advisors in Nashville, TN and serves 38 states.

Our employees are committed to growing our business without losing sight of our mission to serve the underserved. Through our staff in both Tucson and Nashville, our agents receive the support they need to properly reach you, the client.

Our agents throughout the nation are licensed to sell products from multiple carriers, meaning that they are completely unbiased when they sell health care. Our agents are dedicated to finding the best plan that fits YOUR needs, not theirs.

We specialize in selling Medicare products (Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements, Part D plans, etc.) to the senior & medicare eligible community. As we grow, we never lose sight of our honest and dependable service through each of our agents. Our employees work tirelessly to support our agents and send them to clients like you who need help understanding the twists and turns of Medicare.

You can get help from a Medicare Health Benefits agent today. Just call 1-844-245-4152.